Cath Little ~ Tales for the Turning Year.
Photo by Luc Brown
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Cath Little ~ Turning Tales

These shows are inspired by the ancient Welsh stories collected in The Mabinogion. They are suitable for adults and children over 12.


The Lady of the Fountain

A haunting and melodic reimagining of an old British wonder tale. It tells of a journey to the fountain, source of the water of life. Once reached can you ever return sane? Once love is won, can it be kept? And can you be true to another, while still being true to yourself?


Castle Arianrhod

Cath retells this strange myth from the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion through the eyes of the women. Three women tell their stories: a queen, an enchantress and a woman of flowers.


“Magical indeed. I loved every minute of it. A beautiful and measured performance with so many textured layers. Cath is a joy to listen to.”


“Enchanting. I didn’t want it to end.”  Festival at the Edge



Enid and Geraint

Enid and Geraint meet and fall in love in a Cardiff long ago. But once they are married, their troubles begin. Together they travel through the dangerous world. They face monsters on their road through the dark woods and they battle with the doubts and fears in their own too human hearts.


“Resonant story, beautifully and simply told.”   Cambridge Storytelling Club

“A story of mystery and romance from the incomparable and adorable Cath Little”   Beeston Tales